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Biographical Information



Born in BUTLER, PA., as in RHETT...

Lived on MONROE Street as in MARILYN...

At the age of five, Ralph visited Disneyland in 1955. He was blessed with the ability to draw and paint pictures.

At the age of nine, first dressed as Clark Gable for Halloween, and won a correspondence art course.

At the age of sixteen, was a weightlifting champion, which led to an all state athletic college scholarship.

In 1980 while an extra on the set of Dynasty, Ralph was asked to portray Clark Gable for the grand opening of a new actors school in Denver Colorado!

In 1986 while on the set of Dallas received his first speaking line and joined the Screen Actor's Guild!

Ralph continued to portray John Wayne and Clark Gable and Chilicook off's in Dallas, Texas.

In 1989, the 50th year anniversary of Gone With The Wind at the Culver City Studios, Ralph won the Clark Gable Look-a-like contest and met JAMES MARES, his photographer and mentor.

In 1990 was cast in the movie Only the Lonely in Chicago as Clark a stiff in the coffin!'

In 1993, Ralph began working for Universal Studios as their "Clark Gable" Ambassador!

In 1994 Ralph was cast as Clark in the Movie "Chaplin" with Robert Downey, Jr.

In 1994 Ralph was cast in the TV movie "Torch Song" with Rachel Welch

In 1995 Ralph worked as Clark on the National Geographical I Max film "The making of Hurst Castle".

In 1996 along with Ermil Williamson [aka John Wayne] began working as the western character of Clark with the Dukes Hollywood Western Show.

In 1997, he won the Governor's Trophy Award for the Manns Theatre Float, in the Tournment of Roses Parade!

In 1998 Ralph was cast in the movie Seabiscuit with Jeff Bridges.

For the next 10 years Ralph continued to work for several agencies as their Clark Gable Impersonator for many of the top corporations and studios, along with guest appearances on many TV & Cable productions.

Ralph along with his wfie Kathy had their own sign company and Wedding cake home based business

In October 2008 the Sylmar fire took their home and everything in it, all was gone with the Wind! Ralph had to take a job with Home Depot.>

Two years later Ralph and his wife have relocated into another home and were blessed with two more grandchildren.

After four years with Home Depot, Ralph is an appliance specialist sales associate.

Ralph is again compiling 32 years of material for the Guiness Book of Records.

The rest is history in the making.

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Personal Achievments

Celebrity Dream Date with the likes of ledgendary Clark Gable Double: Ralph James Chelli... A.K.A. Captain Butler.
Rated #1 in the Entertainment Industry, Internationally.
Available! For you and your corporate events, conventions, trade shows, Grand Openings, Fund Raisers, Printwork, Movies, M.C. Mix & Mingle.
From the Hearst Castle to the Tournament of Roses Parade, to your door!

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at the Tournment of Roses Parade to view/download JPG image
Have Gable Will Travel... Your Rhett on the money with Clark, the King of Hollywood .
For bookings, call (818) 897-1838, or fax (818) 890-1919, or e-mail
Frankly I do give a damn!... just cloneing around

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Ralph James Chelli

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